The Goldlust Family Genealogy
  Die Goldlust-Family from Tarnow (Austrian Galicia / Poland - 18th and 19th Century
  1. Goldlust, Isaac (Haus 47) * 1752 died 26.9. 1827 (Tarnow)

2. Goldlust Aron (Issac's son) * 1792. dies 30.1. 1849 (Tarnow)
3. Goldlust Hene (Wife of Aron) * 1792. dies: 13.6. 1850 (Tarnow)
Children of Aron und Henne Goldlust

4. Goldlust Bela * 15.4.1810
5. Goldlust Gabriel * 1813 died: 10.3.1814 (Tarnow)
6. Goldlust Chana Dwora * 11.7.1816 died: 28.2.1818 (Tarnow)
7. Goldlust Refael Bunem * 20.5.1818 died: 17.4.1904 (Berlin) Grave:Weissensee
8. Goldlust Gamliel (Haus 66) * 24.12.1820
9. Goldlust Nachme (Haus 30) * 6.3.1822
10. Goldlust Liese (Haus 30) * 18.2.1823, died: 30.1.1824 (Tarnow)
11. Goldlust Awner (Haus 30) * 16.12.1824
12. Goldlust Esarj (Haus 30) * 27.3.1826
Refael Bunem (= Benjamin) was an iron forger. He moved from Tarnow to Prinzenthal near Bromberg on 1st. October 1857. He lived with Pauline Sternberg (* 27.9.1835 Tuchel, Konitz District) in house No. 29 in Bromberg-Prinzenhöhe and had six children out of wedlock. They married on January 25th, 1880.
Benjamin (Refael Bunem) Goldlust (* 20.5.1818 Tarnow) married Pauline Goldlust (nee Sternberg, * 20.9.1833 Tuchel, Bezirk Conitz)
  Text of the wedding certificate
This day appeared in front of the City Officer

1. Refael Benjamin Goldlust (iron forger),
jewish, born 20th May 1818 in Tarnow,
Resident of Prinzenthal (Bromberg),
son of Aron Goldlust, deceased of Tarnow, delivery man
and of his deceased wife Helene, nee Cohn

2. Pauline Sternberg,
jewish, born 27th September 1835 in Tuchel (Konitz),
daughter of Itzig Sternberg, deceased, craftsman,
and of his deceased wife Esther, nee Cohn

Witnessed by Paul Heinz and Gottfried Nebert

(Note: Pauline Sternberg signed the wedding certificate with 3 "xxx" as she could not write.)
The 6 birth certificates of their children (born out of wedlock) were written along with the wedding certificate and stated that Benjamin recognised fathership of each child and that the local officer had granted permission to register them all as 'legal'.
Around 1890 Benjamin and Pauline moved to Berlin from Prinzenthal.
Benjamin & Pauline Goldlust are buried at the Weissensee Cemetry in Berlin.
  Children of Benjamin & Pauline Goldlust  

Helene (24)
* 19.3.1859

Ernestine (20)

* 25.5.1861
- 8.3.1941

Laura (19)

* 6.10.1863
- 26.4.1934

Aron (15)

* 21.1.1866
- 10.6.1941

Jette (24)

* 21.12.1867

Isidor (6)

* 18.9.1870
- 1.1.1937

Josef (1)

* 13.1.1873
- 13.8.1939

  married Jakob Vorschirm (21)

* 16.10.1869
- 27.3.1920
married Ewald
married Jenny Lehmann (16)

* 21.12.1873
- 7.4.1942
  married Martha Markus (7)

* 14.6.1876
- 16.5.1944
married Rosa Bernstein (2)

* 21.1.1876
- 22.10.1942


Helena (22)
Adolf (23)

Susi (17)
Edith (18)

Walter (8)
Elli (9)
Grete (10)
Max (12)

his children:
Frieda (13)

Annelies (5)
Erna (3) married Friedrich Rosenberg 30.5.1920

      Frieda married
Erich Henke

their children:

Manfred (14)
Hans Werner Goldlust (Golz) born 13.08.1902

Marriage 21.03.1929 to
Marianne Beloktolska
Murdered by the Nazis: 08.10.1943 in Prague

     Marriage 13.11.1945 to
     Ida Reissova

     Michael * 29.6.1941)
     Ronald George * 7.7.1947)

     Michael John Golz
     married 16.11.1963
     Sylvia Gamse

     John *03.03.1970
     Juliet *08.04.1972
     Paul *15.08.1974
     Simon *26.06.1977
     Philip *09.06.1980

     Ronald George Golz
     relationship (1979-1993) with
     Heidi Neujahr

     Elias Neujahr*20.04.1988

     Marriage 29.12.1995 to
     Kristina Westerhoff

     David *17.07.1996
     Lilly *12.12.2000
1. Josef Goldlust marries Rosa Bernstein on June 24th, 1897. They lived at Goethestr.8, Knesebeckstr. 86/87, Emserstr.1, Osnabrückerstr. 21 in Berlin. They emigrated to Prague. Josef commited suicide out of desperation at Hotel Merkur in Prague on August 13th, 1939. He is buried along with his daughter Annelies at the Prague-Straznice Cemetry

2. Rosa Goldlust was deported from Prague to Theresienstadt Ghetto on June 20th, 1942 and from there on October 22nd, 1942 to Treblinka where she was gased.

3. Annelies Goldlust died of epilepsy (21.9.37 in Prague) and is burried at the Prague-Straznice Cemetry with her father Josef.

4. Ilse Goldlust married Ernst Neumann. They were deported from Prague to Lodz (Litzmannstadt) Ghetto on November 3rd. 1941 and from there to Chelmno (Kulmhof) on May 19th, 1942 where they were murdered with exhaust fumes in gasing lorries.

5. Erna Goldlust married Friedrich Rosenberg (changed to Rowley in England) and had two children:
Eva 25.2.1923 and Peter who both live in London.

6. Marianne Goldlust married Hans Goldlust (Golz) in Berlin in 1929. She was murdered by the Nazis in 1943 in Prague for helping Jews to escape.
7. Isidor Goldlust died on January 1st, 1937 in Berlin and is buried at Weissensee Cemetry.

8. Martha Goldlust (nee Markus) was deported to Theresienstadt on August 20.8.42 and from there
on 16.5.44 to Auschwitz.

9. Walter Goldlust was born on 8.3,1887. He was deported murdered at Buchenwald on November 20.11.42

10. Elli Goldlust emigrated to China with her sister Grete and then to San Francisco and married a Zuckermann

11. Grete Goldlust emigrated to China with her sister Elli and then to San Francisco and married a Lipski.
12. Heinz Goldlust emigrated to England and changed his name to Grant

13. Dieter Goldlust (lives in Berlin 1994) is the son of Max Goldlust

14. Frieda Goldlust married Erich Henke. They emmigrated to Czechoslovakia, but Frieda returned to Berli to save her mother Marta and both were deported to Auschwitz. Erich Henke and the 3 children got to England and lived in York. After the war they returned to Berlin and found Frieda, who had survived Auschwitz. Frieda, Erich and the two children Günther and Brigitte subsequently died.

15. Manfred Henke still lives in Berlin (1991: Tel: 881 52 28)

16. Aron Goldlust died on June 10th, 1941 in Berlin and is buried at Weissensee Cemetry.

17. Jenny Goldlust (nee Lehmann) was born on December 21st, 1873. She died in Berlin on April 7th, 1942 and is buried at Weissensee Cemetry.

18. Susi Goldlust, the child of Aron & Jenny was born on 1.7.03 and was deported to Auschwitz on 6.9.44.

19. Laura Ewald (nee Goldlust) died on April 26th, 1934 in Berlin and is buried at Weissensee Cemetry.

20. Ernestine Goldlust married Jakob Vorschirm. She died on Marcch 8th, 1941 and is buried along side her husband at Weissensee Cemetry

21. Jakob Vorschirm was born on October 16th, 1869 in Tarnow. He died on March 27th, 1920 and is buried at Weissensee Cemetry.

22. Helena Vorschirm was born on November 24th, 1893. She was deported with her brother Adolf from Berlin on January 13th, 1942 to Riga.

23. Adolf Vorschirm was born on 1.4.1898. He was deported with his sister Helena from Berlin on 13.1.42 to Riga.

24. Helene Goldlust was named after her grandmother (Hene). There are no records of Helene in Berlin

25. Jette Goldlust. There are no records of Jette in Berlin
  The BERNSTEIN Family from Grabow (Posen) & Beuthen (Upper Silesia)  

Great Grand Parents:

Julius Alkan Bernstein

* Grabow (?) died ?
married with
Eva Bernstein (1) (nee Minski)
* 12.12.1853 in Kawol
died: 17.9.1940 in Berlin

their children:
Lena (5)
* 25.12.1873
Salamon (6)
* 14.1.1875
Rosa (2)
* 12.1.1876
Flora (3) D
* 20.7.1877
Dora (4)
* 19.2.1880

married: Ferdinand Schlein

Josef Goldlust
their children: Max

  Transcript of the Wedding Certificate at the Registrar's Office
in Beuthen, Upper Silesia on June 24th, 1897
No. 125

Beuthen, Upper Silesia the 24th of June 1897

Today the following persons appeared in front of me to marry:

1. The businessman Josef Goldlust,
born 13.1.1873 in Prinzenthal, district of Bromberg,
resident of Belin,
son of Benjamin Goldlust (retired)
and his wife Pauline (nee Sternberg),
both resident in Berlin.

2. Rosa Bernstein,
born 21.1.1876 in Grabow, province of Posen,
resident of Beuthen,
daughter of Julius Bernstein (cantor)
and his wife Eva (nee Minsk),
both resident in Beuthen Upper Silesia

Witnessed by:
Hemann Wolff (secretary of the Beuthen Jewish Community)
Ferdinand Schlein (brother-in-law of Rosa Bernstein)

The Bernstein family moved to Berlin.

1. Eva Bernstein follows (after death of Julius?) her 4 daughters to Berlin and dies on September 17th, 1940 in Berlin. She is buried at Weissensee Cemetry.

2. Rosa Bernstein married Josef Goldlust on June 24th, 1897 in Beuthen (Upper Silesia). They lived in Goethestr.8, Knesebeckstr. 86/87, Emserstr.1, Osnabrückerstr. 21, Karlsruhestr. 28 in Berlin. 1935/36 they emigrated to Teplitz and 1938 to Prague. Rosa was deported from Prague to Theresienstadt Ghetto on June 20th, 1942 and from there on October 22nd, 1942 to Treblinka where she was gased.

3. Lena Bernstein married Ferdinand Schlein. Both were deported from Berlin on August 26th, 1942 to Theresienstadt Ghetto. Ferdinand Schlein died at Theresienstadt March 14th, 1944. Lena was deported to Auschwitz on May 5th. 1944 where she was gased.

4. Flora Bernstein was a singer. Her last address in Berlin was her sister Dora's flat at the Sybelstr. 58.

5. Dora Bernstein marries a Littfinski. She shared her flat in the Sybelstr. 58 with her sister Flora

Both were deported on August 15th, 1942 to Riga Ghetto where both were murdered.

6. Salamon Bernstein. There is no record or evidence of Salamon in Berlin.

  The Fate of the Families Goldlust/Bernstein and Reiss
1933 - 1945
("n.T." means natural Death)
? Helene

n.T. Ernestine
n.T. Jakob Vorschirm

n.T. Laura
n.T. Ewald
n.T. Aron
n.T. Jenny Lehmann

? Jette n.T. Isidor

Marta Markus

Rosa Bernstein
  Helena (9)
Adolf1 (10)
  Susi (8)
Edith (Israel)
  Walter (7)
Elli (USA)
Grete (USA)
Heinz (GB)
Max (D)
Frieda (D)

n.T. Annelies
Erna (GB)
Ilse (3) und
Ernst Neumann (4)
Hans Werner (GB/D)

Lena Bernstein (11) Flora Bernstein (12) Dora Bernstein (13)

Rosa Bernstein ? Salamon Bernstein  
Ernst Reiss (14) Olga Reiss (15) Ida Reiss (GB/D)

Otto Reiss (GB)    
  Hans Werner Golz (Goldlust), married with Ida Reiss
Hans Werner Goldlust was born on August 21st, 1902 at Goethestr. 8 in the then independant town of Charlottenburg near Berlin. He had his Bar Mizwa at the Fasanenstr. Synagogue.

When grown up he distanced himself from his Jewish background and changed his name (unofficially) to "GOLZ". It is said that he took the name from a figure in Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

He did not complete his grammar school education and left home in 1920 (aged 18) and worked as an advertising salesman. He met Marianne Wengraf (nee Belokostolska) in 1924, who was Viennese born (31.1.1895) and who had been working as an opera singer in Salzburg. Marianne had married the (Jewish) music publisher Wengraf and had moved with him to Berlin, where they lived at Wittenbergplatz off the Kurfürstendamm. Hans probably met her in Berlin and they fell in love. The Austrian composer Nico Dostal mentions both Marianne and Hans in his biography. There are archive photos of Hans, Marianne, Nico Dostal and wife.

By now Hans had become head of the advertising department of the "Literarische Welt". He developed a very close friendship to the (Jewish) editor-in-chief Willy Haas and advanced to managing director by 1929. Willy Haas mentions Hans in his book about the "Literarische Welt" (Munich 1957, Page 188).
Hans marries Marianne on March 21st, 1929 at the registrar's office Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Willy Haas is best man. The couple move to Osnabrücker Str. 21 (today Bielefelder Str.) in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. They are joined by Josef & Rosa Goldlust and by Ilse (Goldlust) and Ernst Neumann in 1932.

After Hitler comes to power on January 30th, 1933 Willy Haas and Hans sell the "Literarische Welt" and emigrate with their wives to Prague, where they try to publish a German literature magazine. The attempt fails and Hans becomes a free-lace journalist for Mitropress, Paris. Hans and Marianne live at the Stroßmeyerstr.4 in Prague. Josef and Rosa Goldlust, Ilse and Ernst Neumann follow them to Prague.
Hitler marches into Prague on March 15th, 1939. Hans flees via Poland and reaches England on May 4th, 1939. Marianne, Josef and Rosa, Ilse and Ernst Neumann are stuck in Prague. Josef commits suicide out of desperation on August 13th, 1939 at Hotel Merkur, Prague. Ilse and Ernst Neumann are deported to Lodz Ghetto on November 11th, 1941 and to their deaths at Chelmno on May 19th, 1942. Rosa is deported to Theresienstadt on June 20th, 1942 and from there to her death at Treblinka on October 22nd, 1942.

Marianne systematically continues to help Jews to escape Prague. She is betrayed by a Jewess (Synek) to the Gestapo and is arrested on November 19th, 1942. At a show trial in Prague Marianne is sentenced to death on May 18th, 1943 and is beheaded at Prag-Pancraz prison on October 8th, 1943. Hans hears of Marianne's death during the War in London.

Hans officially changes his name to "Golz" upon arrival in Britain and is naturalised under this name. Hans meets Ida Reiss in 1940 on a telephone exchange in London.

Ida Reiss (-ova)was born in the Moravian village of Straznice on June 30th, 1905. Her father , Isidor was a wealthy distiller and owned large fruit orchards and vineyards in the surrounding countryside of Straznice. The Reiss familly has a long history in the region. At the time of Ida's birth Moravia is part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She uses German at home and at the Straznice (Jewish) Primary School, while speaking Czeck on the street. She attends Grammar School at Straznice and studies pharmaceutics at Karlsbad (German) University. She receives an au-pair visa for England and leaves Czechoslovakia in 1939.

Michael is born on June 29th, 1941. After official confirmation of Marianne's death after the war, Hans marries Ida on November 13th, 1945. Ronald George (Ronnie) is born on July 7th, 1947.

Hans and Ida leave Britain in 1958 owing to financial difficulties and the fact that Hans always felt very much a stranger in Britain apart from the fact that he spoke English with a very strong German accent. They settle in Cologne. Hans becomes a salesman for British products in West Germany, while Ida does part-time work as a chemist. Hans is successful as a salesman for business consulting and for summer houses on the Mediterranean in Italy and Spain. He dies of an heart attack in Cologne-Lindenthal on August 28th, 1969 (aged 67). Ida dies in Cologne-Porz of abdominal cancer on July 19th, 1976 (aged 71).
Michael lived in digs while completing his schooling. Ronnie is put in a boarding school in Worthing, Sussex. In 1960 (aged 13) Ronnie left Britain for Germany because he did not like boarding school at all. He continued his schooling in Germany. In 1965 he went to Cologne University to study Economics. He qualified in 1970 and moved to West Berlin in 1971 where he began work in adult education.

Ronnie (unoffiially) adopts the son of his common-law wife Heidi, Eli(a)s Phillip at birth on April 21st, 1988.

Ronnie marries Kristina Westerhoff on December 29th 1995. Their son David was born on July 17th 1996.